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CTV News Raising The Alarm About Cryptojacking

I spoke with CTV’s Scott Laurie and shared the basics of cryptojacking. What it is, how it happens, and how to prevent it.

The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal – Your Computer May Be Making Bitcoin​ for Hackers

Washington Post

The Washington Post – Hackers have turned Politifact’s website into a trap for your PC

The Washington Post – wants to use your PC to mine cryptocurrency

Krebs on Security logo

Krebs on Security – Website Flaw Let True Health Diagnostics Users View All Medical Records

Krebs on Security – Who and What Is Coinhive?

Krebs on Security – Who’s Behind the Screencam Extortion Scam?

Krebs on Security – Alleged ‘Satori’ IoT Botnet Operator Sought Media Spotlight, Got Indicted

Associated Press logo

Associated Press – How your smart fridge might be mining bitcoin for criminals

WIRED Magazine

WIRED – Your Browser Could Be Mining Cryptocurrency For a Stranger

WIRED – Hackers Hit Make-A-Wish Website With Cryptojacking Scheme

WIRED – Nationwide Bomb Threats Look Like A New Spin On An Old Bitcoin Scam

TechCrunch logo

TechCrunch – Cryptojacking malware was secretly mining Monero on many government and university websites

TechCrunch –  Vision Direct reveals breach that skimmed customer credit cards

ZDNet logo

ZDNet – Thousands of etcd installs are leaking secret server keys online

ZDNet – Over 115,000 Drupal sites still vulnerable to critical flaw

ZDNet – MikroTik routers enslaved in massive Coinhive cryptojacking campaign

ZDNet – A mysterious grey-hat is patching people’s outdated MikroTik routers

ZDNet – Cybercrime and malware, 2019 predictions

ZDNet – Hackers ramp up attacks on mining rigs before Ethereum price crashes into the gutter

ZDNet – Chinese websites have been under attack for a week via a new PHP framework bug

ZDNet – Over 19,000 Orange modems are leaking WiFi credentials

ZDNet – Hackers are going after Cisco RV320/RV325 routers using a new exploit


BBC logo

BBC – Salon magazine mines crypto-cash with readers’ PCs

BBC – Vision Direct hack puts customers’ money at risk

Ars Technica logo

Ars Technica  – Now even YouTube serves ads with CPU-draining cryptocurrency miners

Ars Technica  – Thousands of servers found leaking 750MB worth of passwords and keys

Ars Technica  – Drupal warns of new remote-code bug, the second in four weeks

Ars Technica  – Hundreds of big-name sites hacked, converted into drive-by currency miners

Ars Technica  – Three months later, a mass exploit of powerful Web servers continues

Global News logo

Global News – Slow phone or computer? How to avoid getting ‘cryptojacked’

Fortune logo

Fortune – Popular Google Chrome Extension Caught Mining Cryptocurrency on Thousands of Computers

CBC News

CBC News – ‘Cryptojacking’ hacker trend turns Canadians into cryptocurrency miners

PC Mag

PC Magazine – Political Fact-Checking Site Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

PC Magazine – Coinhive Tries to Appease Critics With Opt-in Crypto Miner

PC Magazine – Why Hackers Love Cryptocurrency Miner Coinhive

PC Magazine – Chrome Extension Hacked to Secretly Mine Cryptocurrency

PC Magazine – Cryptocurrency Miner invades 4,000 Sites Via Third-Party Tool

PC Magazine – Can Cryptocurrency Mining Save The Media Industry?

PC Magazine – 400 Websites Secretly Served Cryptocurrency Miners to Visitors

PC Magazine – 200K MikroTik Routers Exploited to Serve Cryptocurrency Miner

Threatpost logo

Threatpost – Cryptojacking Attack Found on Los Angeles Times Website

Threatpost – Ad Network Circumvents Ad-Blocking Tools To Run In-Browser Cryptojacker Scripts

Threatpost – Rarog Trojan ‘Easy Entry’ For New Cryptomining Crooks, Report Warns

Threatpost – Muhstik Botnet Exploits Highly Critical Drupal Bug

Threatpost – Cryptojacking Campaign Exploits Drupal Bug, Over 400 Websites Attacked

Threatpost – Drupalgeddon 2.0 Still Haunting 115K+ Sites

Threatpost – Newsmaker Interview: Troy Mursch on Why Cryptojacking Isn’t Going Away

Threatpost – Huge Cryptomining Attack on ISP-Grade Routers Spreads Globally

Threatpost – Thousands of MikroTik Routers Hijacked for Eavesdropping

Threatpost – VisionDirect Blindsided by Magecart in Data Breach

Threatpost – Newsmaker Interview: Troy Mursch on Top Botnet Trends

Threatpost – 19K Orange Livebox Modems Open to Attack


The Next Web

The Next Web – CBS’s Showtime caught secretly stealing visitors’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency

The Next Web – Researcher finds 50,000 sites infected with cryptocurrency mining malware

The Next Web – Google Play is hosting a disturbing amount of cryptocurrency malware

The Next Web – UNICEF wants your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency for children in Bangladesh

The Next Web – Nearly 400 Drupal sites infected with malware that secretly mines cryptocurrency

The Next Web – The US-China Association of Commerce site is running cryptocurrency mining malware

The Next Web – 200,000 routers in Brazil were secretly hijacked to mine cryptocurrency

The Next Web – Browser mining is generating over $250K worth of cryptocurrency every month

The Next Web – Twitter is now recommending users follow cryptocurrency scambots

The Next Web – Google Play promised to ban cryptocurrency mining apps, but we found tons

The Next Web – 30 days after the ban, Google Play still hosts cryptocurrency mining apps

The Next Web – The crypto-jacking epidemic continues, 280K infected routers detected to date

The Next Web – Monero slams crypto-jackers after mining malware hits government sites

The Next Web – Crypto-jacking epidemic spreads to 30K routers across India

The Next Web – 415,000 routers worldwide hijacked to secretly mine cryptocurrency

The Telegraph

The Telegraph – Cryptojacking: The hackers mining digital currencies from your computer

The Register

The Register – CBS’s Showtime caught mining crypto-coins in viewers’ web browsers

The Register – Real Mad-quid: Murky cryptojacking menace that smacked Ronaldo site grows

The Register – More and more websites are mining crypto-coins in your browser to pay their bills, line pockets

The Register – Pulitzer-winning website Politifact hacked to mine crypto-coins in browsers

The Register – Mirai, Mirai, pwn them all, who’s the greatest botnet on the whole?

The Register – What do Vegas hookers, Colombian government, and 30,000 other sites have in common? Crypto-jacking miners

The Register – Crypto-jackers enlist Google Tag Manager to smuggle alt-coin miners

The Register – Guys, you’re killing us! LA Times homicide site hacked to mine crypto-coins on netizens’ PCs

The Register – Opt-in cryptomining script Coinhive ‘barely used’ say researchers

The Register – Cluster-f*ck! Etcd DBs spaff passwords, cloud keys to world by default

The Register – That Drupal bug you were told to patch weeks ago? Cryptominers hope you haven’t bothered

The Register – OMG, that’s downright Wicked: Botnet authors twist corpse of Mirai into new threats

The Register – Drupal drisputes dreport of widespread wide-open websites

The Register – Japanese Coinhive JS injector slapped with suspended sentence

The Register – Why is my cheapo Android red hot and switching off Wi-Fi?

The Register – Sextortion scum armed with leaked credentials are persistent pests

The Register – Miscreants sweep internet for unpatched Cisco kit, fears over bugged Chinese parts, Roger Stone nabbed…


Bleeping Computer

Bleeping Computer – The Internet Is Rife With In-Browser Miners and It’s Getting Worse Each Day

Bleeping Computer – Cryptojacking Craze: Malwarebytes Says It Blocks 8 Million Requests per Day

Bleeping Computer – Cookie Consent Script Drops In-Browser Cryptocurrency Miner

Bleeping Computer – Cryptojacking Script Found in Live Help Widget, Impacts Around 1,500 Sites

Bleeping Computer – Mirai Activity Picks up Once More After Publication of PoC Exploit Code

Bleeping Computer – Cryptojackers Found on Starbucks WiFi Network, GitHub, Pirate Streaming Sites

Bleeping Computer – Chrome Extension with 100,000 Users Caught Pushing Cryptocurrency Miner

Bleeping Computer – Using the Chrome Task Manager to Find In-Browser Miners

Bleeping Computer – Firefox Working on Protection Against In-Browser Cryptojacking Scripts

Bleeping Computer – Unicef’s TheHopepage May Be the First Good Use of In-Browser Mining

Bleeping Computer – Drupal Sites Fall Victims to Cryptojacking Campaigns

Bleeping Computer – Google Agrees to Pay $11 Million to Owners of Suspended AdSense Accounts

Bleeping Computer – Two Months Later, Over 115,000 Drupal Sites Still Vulnerable to Drupalgeddon 2

Bleeping Computer – You Can File Complaints About Cryptojacking With the FTC

Bleeping Computer – Massive Coinhive Cryptojacking Campaign Touches Over 200,000 MikroTik Routers

Bleeping Computer – Coinhive Raking In Over $250,000 per Month From In-Browser Cryptomining

Bleeping Computer – Mirai IoT Malware Uses Aboriginal Linux to Target Multiple Platforms

Bleeping Computer – Over 3,700 MikroTik Routers Abused In CryptoJacking Campaigns

Bleeping Computer – VisionDirect Data Breach Caused by MageCart Attack

Bleeping Computer – Orange LiveBox Modems Targeted for SSID and WiFi Info

Bleeping Computer – Hackers Targeting Cisco RV320/RV325 Routers Using New Exploits


IBT logo

International Business Times – Hackers covertly hide code on Politifact to hijack your PC, secretly mine cryptocurrencies

International Business Times – Popular Chrome extension with over 105,000 users found secretly mining cryptocurrency

International Business Times – Salon to readers: Let us use your PC to mine cryptocurrency in exchange for an ad-free website

International Business Times – Mozilla Firefox Will Block Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Scripts From Web Browser

Newsweek en Español logo

Newsweek en Español – SEP, UNAM y la Liga MX, fueron intervenidas para generar dinero con un código malicioso (SEP, UNAM and Liga MX, were intervened to generate money with a malicious code)

The Hacker News Logo

The Hacker News – Over 115,000 Drupal Sites Still Vulnerable to Drupalgeddon2 Exploit

The Hacker News – Hackers Infect Over 200,000 MikroTik Routers With Crypto Mining Malware

The Hacker News – New Exploit Threatens Over 9,000 Hackable Cisco RV320/RV325 Routers Worldwide


Avast Blog

Avast Blog – MikroTik mayhem: Cryptomining campaign abusing routers

Marion Star logo

Marion Star – Researcher: Marion website was infected, site visitors exploited for digital money

La Stampa

La Stampa – Truffe, crimini e ricatti online: dove nascono, come funzionano e perché sono difficili da fermare (Scams, crimes and blackmail online: where they are born, how they work and why they are difficult to stop)

La Stampa – Qualcuno potrebbe minare criptovalute col tuo browser, ecco come funziona il fenomeno (Someone could Mine cryptocurrencies with your browser, here’s how the phenomenon works)

TechRepublic logo

TechRepublic – L.A. Times website injected with Monero cryptocurrency mining script

TechRepublic – Drupalgeddon 2 wreaking havoc on 900+ sites because IT still hasn’t applied updates

Tripwire logo

Tripwire – LA Times homicide website throttles cryptojacking attack

Infosecurity Mag logo

Infosecurity Magazine – LA Times Hit with Crypto-Mining Software

Infosecurity Magazine – Crypto Crime: Hunting for Cryptocurrency Mining in Your Enterprise (Webinar)

Infosecurity Magazine – Nearly 20,000 Orange Modems Leaking Wi-Fi Passwords


BankInfoSecurity logo

BankInfoSecurity – Cryptojacking: Mitigating the Impact

BankInfoSecurity – Hacked MicroTik Routers Serve Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware

BankInfoSecurity – Magecart Spies Payment Cards From Retailer Vision Direct

The Daily Swig logo

The Daily Swig – Google begins enforcing JavaScript for logins

The Daily Swig – Vision Direct poked in the eye by credit card breach

Naked Security Logo

Naked Security – Unsecured AWS led to cryptojacking attack on LA Times

Naked Security – Shodan and passwords sitting in a tree, S-H-O-W-I-N-G!

CoinDesk logo

CoinDesk – ‘Cryptojacking’ Software Attack Hits Hundreds of Websites

Liftr News logo

Liftr News – Report: Cryptojacking Trend Hits LA Times

Security Now! logo

Security Now! – Episode #662 – Drupal Sites Fall Victims to Cryptojacking Campaigns

Security Now! – Episode #667 – Drupalgeddon2 appears to be a fixture of the Internet

Security Now! – Episode #699 – Over 9,000 Cisco RV320/RV325 routers are vulnerable to CVE-2019-1653


DataBreachToday logo

DataBreachToday – Cryptocurrency Miners Exploit Widespread Drupal Flaw

DataBreachToday – Websites Still Under Siege After ‘Drupalgeddon’ Redux

DataBreachToday – Cryptojackers Keep Hacking Unpatched MikroTik Routers

DarkReading logo

Dark Reading – Cryptojacking Threat Continues to Rise

Dark Reading – 5 Steps to Fight Unauthorized Cryptomining

New Scientist logo

New Scientist – You may be making cryptocurrency for hackers without realising

Techdirt logo

Techdirt – Covert Cryptocurrency Miners Quickly Become A Major Problem

Techdirt – Cryptocurrency Mining Company Coinhive Shocked To Learn Its Product Is Being Abused

Business Insider logo

Business Insider – A hacker has been using the Los Angeles Times’ website to mine the cryptocurrency Monero

Business Insider – If your computer has slowed, you might be mining crypto coins for someone else — here’s how to stop it

CSO logo

CSO – What is cryptojacking? How to prevent, detect, and recover from it

CSO – How to detect and prevent crypto mining malware

CSO – Don’t Let Your Website Become A Crypto Goldmine For Hackers

CSO – Cisco business routers targeted after patch, at least 9,000 vulnerable


WeLiveSecurity logo

WeLiveSecurity – US and UK government websites hijacked to mine cryptocurrency on visitors’ machines


BTCMANAGER  – Cryptojacking Strikes Again! Hackers Target Government Websites to Mine Monero

BTCMANAGER  – Monero Mikrotik Madness: Carrier-Grade Cryptojacking Scheme

BTCMANAGER  – Hackers Unfazed by Crypto Price Crash as they Double Down on Wallet Attacks

Mashable logo

Mashable – Chrome extension is secretly mining cryptocurrency

Motherboard logo

Motherboard – ‘One of the Biggest’ Coinhive Users Made $7.69 In 3 Months

SC Media logo

SC Media – Cryptojacking campaign hits 400 Drupal-based sites, many run by governments and universities

SC Media – 2018 – The year that was: Top Cyberthreats

SC Media – Attackers scanning unpatched Cisco small business routers after exploit code published


SecurityIntelligence logo

SecurityIntelligence – Does the Rise of Crypto-Mining Malware Mean the End of Ransomware?

TechTarget logo

TechTarget – New cloud threats as attackers embrace the power of cloud


HackRead – After The Pirate Bay, Showtime Websites Also Found Mining Cryptocoins

HackRead – Chrome Extension with 105,000 installs is a Cryptocurrency Miner

HackRead – Hackers are using YouTube Ads to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency

HackRead – LA Times website hacked to mine Monero cryptocurrency

HackRead – Cryptojacking campaign hits 400 Drupal-based sites, many run by governments and universities

HackRead – The Pirate Bay is silently mining cryptocurrency without user consent

HackRead – VisionDirect hacked: Hackers infect domains with malicious Google Analytics code

Security Boulevard logo

Security Boulevard – 5 Cryptojacking Consequences CISOs Can’t Ignore

SmarterMSP logo

SmarterMSP – Threat Watch: Cryptojacking

Tom's Hardware logo

Tom’s Hardware – Showtime Uses Online Viewers’ CPUs To Mine Cryptocurrency

Tom’s Hardware – The Rise Of Cryptojacking And How To Stop It

Gizmodo en Español logo

Gizmodo en Español‏ – Es una plaga: Movistar infecta “por error” su propia web para minar criptomonedas a través de sus usuarios (It’s a plague: Movistar infects  its own website “by mistake” to mine cryptocurrencies through its users)


CriptoNoticias – “No hay que tomarse los mineros web a la ligera” asegura Troy Mursch, investigador de ciberseguridad  (We shouldn’t take web miners lightly,” says Troy Mursch, cybersecurity researcher.)

CriptoNoticias – Página web de Movistar España minaba monero de sus usuarios con Coinhive (Movistar Spain web page mines Monero from its users with Coinhive)

CriptoNoticias – Un nuevo modelo de negocios: portal de noticias utiliza CoinHive con consentimiento de sus usuarios (A new business model: News portal uses Coinhive with the consent of its users)

Inverse logo

Inverse – Chrome Extension Secretly Used People’s Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

Inverse – Tesla Latest Victim of Cryptojacking Attack, and More Could Come Soon

Inverse – Cryptojacking Attacks Continue as “Los Angeles Times” Falls Prey to Hackers

Inverse – Why This Cryptocurrency Mining Calendar App Wasn’t Such a Great Idea

Heise Online logo

Heise online – Chrome-Extension Archive Poster sammelt heimlich Kryptowährung (Chrome Extension Archive Poster secretly collects cryptocurrency)

Heise online – Drupal-Lücken: Lenovo versäumt Webseiten-Update und fängt sich Krypto-Miner ein (Drupal Gaps: Lenovo fails website update and captures crypto-miner)

Heise online – Jetzt patchen! Angreifer machen Jagd auf Cisco-Router (Patch now! Attackers hunt down Cisco routers) logo – Proxy-Server fügen Kryptominer ein (Proxy servers add cryptominer)

Cointelegraph logo

Cointelegraph – ‘Attack Or Business Opportunity?’: Academics Question Ethics Of Coinhive Cryptojacking

Cointelegraph – Coinhive Code Found On 300+ Websites Worldwide In Recent Cryptojacking Campaign

Cointelegraph – Report: Number of Routers Affected by Crypto Malware Doubled Since August, Reaching 415K

Security Affairs

Security Affairs – A new Mirai variant is rapidly spreading, around 100,000 IPs running the scans in the past 60 hours

Security Affairs – Over 115,000 Drupal Sites still vulnerable to Drupalgeddon2, a gift to crooks

Security Affairs – Thousands of unpatched MikroTik Routers are involved in new cryptocurrency mining campaigns

Security Affairs – Over 19,000 Orange Livebox ADSL modems leak WiFi credentials

Security Affairs – Hackers are targeting Cisco RV320/RV325, over 9K routers exposed online



BizTech – How Cryptojacking Could Harm Your IT Environment


ExtremeTech – Showtime Caught Mining Cryptocurrency With Viewers’ PCs


Complex – Showtime’s Website Might Have Been Hacked to Mine Cryptocoin