Recent Podcasts: Packet Pushers & The CoinSec Podcast

In the last month, I was invited to participate in two podcasts. The first was with Packet Pushers and the second with The CoinSec Podcast. This was definitely less hectic than doing a live interview on Canadian national television. In both shows, I shared my thoughts on cryptojacking and other security topics.

Packet Pushers Podcast

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For the Packet Pushers podcast, I was a guest of Paessler. They are the company behind the enterprise and network monitoring application, PRTG. I’ve frequently mentioned PRTG in my tweets as it’s one of my favorite monitoring tools. One of the notable incidents I always like to reference is the Showtime Networks case. This was the first major case of cryptojacking affecting a well-known website and I was the first to document the incident.

PRTG allows me to monitor any website for Coinhive and other cryptojacking malware. This was valuable when the website of was also compromised. I was able to quickly and easily configure monitoring for the site.

In addition to the HTTP Advanced sensor, I use numerous other sensor types in PRTG including: SNMP, SSH, SSL, WMI, and many others discussed in the Packet Pushers podcast. Tune in to find out my favorites!

If you’re looking for the peer-reviewed research paper mentioned in the show, please visit my Publications page.

The CoinSec Podcast


The CoinSec Podcast logo

The second podcast I recorded was with The CoinSec Podcast. This show is about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies with a focus on securing them. I had a great time discussing cryptojacking and other security issues affecting the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Closing Remarks

While it’s a little nerve-wracking recording podcasts or television interviews, I always enjoy sharing my thoughts on cryptojacking and other security topics. If you’d like to learn more about my work and what others are saying about it, please see this page.

As always, I’m most active on Twitter – follow me @bad_packets

Also, be sure to check out my Mirai-like botnet data website!

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