Google Safe Browsing algorithm labels Bad Packets Report as “unsafe site”

Irony levels reached maximum levels today when Google Safe Browsing labeled Bad Packets Report, our website, as an “unsafe site” per the notification received in the Google Search Console.

False positive report by Google

Unfortunately, no explanation was provided on the Google Transparency Report website noting that:

The site contains harmful content, including pages that:

  • Contain suspicious or unknown software

This is an incredible claim, given that no software is hosted on Bad Packet Reports, nor any URLs that link to “suspicious or unknown software”.

Google did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Other Google users are reporting similar issues on the Webmaster Central Help Forum but no explanation has been provided by Google for these false positives.

These false positives may come at a time that Google is adjusting Google Safe Browsing algorithm to enforce higher security requirements for websites.  Google put webmasters on notice in October 2016 advising that all non-HTTPS traffic would eventually display a “Not Secure” warning in Chrome.

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