Amcrest releases firmware update to correct constant cloud server connection issue

Back in May, I published a report on the latest firmware update from Amcrest resulting in a constant connection to cloud servers even for non-cloud customers.  I have verified the newest firmware from Amcrest has corrected the issue.


After speaking with Alen from Amcrest Cloud Support, I confirmed the expected behavior is the cameras will stop attempting to connect to their cloud servers two hours after powering up.

I updated my Amcrest IP2M-841 and IP3M-943 cameras to the latest version, V2.520.AC00.18.R and V2.400.AC01.15.R  respectively. I patiently waited two hours and confirmed the connection to the cloud servers ceased.

The only connection I observed the cameras making to the internet was to

This was noted in my previous post as where the camera reads the file “readbinfile.html” as some sort of firmware check.

While it took two months to correct this issue, I still commend Amcrest for taking the matter seriously and updating their firmware.

5 thoughts on “Amcrest releases firmware update to correct constant cloud server connection issue”

  1. I’ve been speaking with Hugo at Amcrest regarding this issue on my IP2M-841E cameras. They had me test an update in July but unfortunately they still haven’t fixed the IP2M-841E model firmware. I was told the R&D team was testing a new firmware version and that it would be released soon. This was a month ago…

    • I would ask to work with Alen instead, if possible. Amcrest seems to only update one camera model’s firmware at a time. I’m not sure if they are short-staffed on development or if some other factor causes this.

  2. it is now may 30, 2019. i have just acquired a new ip4m-1051. while i do not know this particular model release date. it was first listed on amazon october 4, 2018 (8 months ago) from the date of this reply, and 20 months after the date of this particular blog post saying it was fixed (at least for the IP2M-841 and IP3M-943 models).

    i have NOT signed up for amcrest cloud services, i have NOT enabled these options, i have NO desire to use amcrest cloud services, as i keep track of my own data.

    my ip4m-1051 connects to: (acceptable) (not sure about yet) (not acceptable) (not acceptable) (not acceptable) (not acceptable) (not sure about yet)

    so. while i understand you said that amcrest only works on 1 camera at a time. they have, in my eyes, had plenty of time to fix this issue, but have not.

    this might be going back, even though i am blocking these url’s at the network level, i shouldnt have to.

  3. AmCrest has really disappointed me. Their interface is flaky as all get out. I change my FPS, save it, get the confirmation it saved but the FPS drops back to 10. SMH….


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